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To elaborate recommendations on development of international cooperation in the sphere of rational use of natural resources for defining the strategy of ecologization of nature management as a basis for modernization of national economies in balance with nature


To promote creation of an international system of ecological security


Preserving the green world of the planet — the environmental dialogue as a basis for the international ecological security


• Harmonization of legislation in the sphere of environmental security of the CIS and the Council of Europe member states

• Perfection of institutional relations — a basis for ecologization of nature management by modernization of economy

• Solution of institutional and innovative problems of traditional and alternative energy

• Development of public and civil mechanisms of enhancing power efficiency of national economies

• Providing ecological safety of new products and new technologies

• Implementation of priority directions of development of the water industry — the creation of a system of control over the potable water quality

• Improvement of quality of environment for strengthening health of children and of the population in general

• Enhancement of environmental culture of population as an important component of the healthy life-style

• Practical experience of social organizations in striving for preservation of environment

Exchange of international experience in the following fields:

• Interaction of international environmental structures in issues of monitoring of environmental legislation implementation;

• Rapprochement of national legislation by defining and destructing legislative barriers that impede the international cooperation in issues of energy saving, energy efficiency and development of alternative types of energy

• International cooperation in mitigating consequences of technogenic ecological disasters and natural calamities related to the climate change

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