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of the Third Nevsky International
Ecological Congress


Objective of the exhibition:

For the exponents — bodies of public administration, federal ministries and their federal services and federal agencies:

• demonstration of achievements in the sphere of environmental security

• demonstration of results of the legislation implementation for the control and observation over the work of commercial organizations in the sphere of ecology

• demonstration of activity in licensing, accreditation and certification in spheres related with ecology

For the exponents — scientific-research organizations:

• demonstration of successful products and innovations in the sphere of ecology of output, transportation and use of energy resources and waste recycling

• demonstration of activity of the organization, influence of the introduced projects on the environment

• attraction of federal ministries, foreign organization and commercial enterprises to financing and introduction of their projects, products and innovations

• demonstration of investment attractiveness of their products and projects

For the exponents — commercial enterprises:

• demonstration of activity, opportunity and perspectives of development of the enterprise and its competitiveness

• demonstration of successful programmes and projects aimed at preventing harmful influence on environment

• dynamics of the current projects related to ecology

• outlooks and strategies of new ecological projects and programmes

• demonstration of interest in international cooperation

• demonstration of openness to participation in state projects and programmes aimed at rational use of energy resources and enhancement of environmental security

• demonstration of interest to participate in venture and investment projects related with environment

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